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HAMK Tote Bag - Pure Waste

Carry your stuff in this durable canvas HAMK tote bag made from recycled cotton and recycled plastic bottles by Pure Waste! Fold the bag and take it with you, ready to serve as extra carrying capacity. The size of this bag is 41x45 cm. The bag has a cool HAMK pattern and side seam of the tote bag has a fabric Pure Waste label. 

Compared to an equivalent product made from virgin materials, making a tote bag from recycled materials uses 99% less water and generates 50% fewer CO2 emissions. This tote bag has been responsibly manufactured in Pure Waste factory in India.

Made of 100 % recycled raw materials.

• 60 % recycled cotton

• 40 % recycled polyester

Washing instructions

• Washing temperature 30°C. Wash your printed product inside out in 30 degrees even though the label tells higher temperature. Do not use dryer. Handle textiles with care. If you stretch them the printing may be damaged. 

• Wash with similar colours 

• Wash inside out





41x45 cm


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