Expert of Forest and Built Environment


Expert of Forest and Built Environment

Studies of Expert of Forest and Built Environment provide a rich picture of working in the forestry sector and with built environment. Students learn, among other things, to identify targets in forest management and landscaping sector set by climate sustainability, and to utilize data in the assessment of trees and urban environments.

These studies are suitable for those working with forest or urban trees and want to update their competence to bachelor level, and for anyone interested in the subject. If you're wondering if your future work might be with the forest or built environment, these studies helps to perceive the work in both areas. Studies are well suited for arborists, for example.

Please notice: Buy the training here only if you are enrolled in the implementation beginning on 31.8.2022 and received instructions for payment. If you are interested in the studies but have not registered in advance, please contact

The training course is in Finnish.

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